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FAQ's For Ebury Court Residential Care Home Essex

How do I know that my mother or father will be safe from any form of abuse whilst in your care?
All of our staff are fully trained in relation to safeguarding of vulnerable adults.  This training is refreshed on an annual basis and knowledge is tested by an exam.  At Ebury Court, there is a culture of openness and staff are aware that they are fully protected by the whistleblowing policy and would be confident about reporting any concerns. 


How does Ebury Court rate on the Care Quality Commission report?
Upon inspection, and as evidenced in all our previous CQC reports, we have consistently achieved a standard of excellence with absolutely no requirements.  Our latest CQC rating is 'outstanding'.  


Is Ebury Court part of a chain of homes?
Ebury Court is an independent privately owned home and not part of any chain.  It is family owned and has been run by the same family since 1981.


What is the Beacon Award?
Ebury Court holds the Gold Standard Framework in Care Homes Quality Hallmark Award at the highest Beacon Award level. This is reassessed annually with full raccreditation every three years.  We have held this award at Beacon level since 2011.


Is the food freshly prepared on the premises?
Our trained Chefs prepare fresh food on a daily basis and there is a wide and varied menu.


Is the garden accessible and used by the residents?
Yes.  The garden is used extensively by our residents in the summer months.


Are the grounds safe and secure?
Yes.  The front is serviced by electronic gates and there is also a CCTV system in place.  The flower garden and lawn area to the rear of the building is securely enclosed.


What type of activities are on offer at Ebury Court?
We have a six week activity programme which provides activities for our residents throughout the day.
We also offer weekly outings to a variety of places for example pub lunches, music and dancing and church services. In addition to this, we also organise theatre trips and day trips to places of interest for example, Buckingham Palace, country parks and seaside resorts.


Does a GP, or any other healthcare professionals, make visits to the home?
The home has its own regular in-house GP surgery.  Community Nurses hold a weekly surgery but visit more often if required.


Does the home have a visiting chiropodist, dentist, hairdresser, optician?
Yes.  The dentist and optician visit on an annual basis or as required in an emergency.  The chiropodist visits every six weeks and the hairdresser, visits weekly.


Are staff at Ebury Court fully trained?
All staff have extensive and continuous training - for full details, please see the "About Us" page on this website.  We specialise in dementia care and end of life care.  All staff undertake an 8 unit dementia training course.  We also have Namaste Care for those with end stage dementia.  For those with mild to moderate cognitive impairment, we have The Lavender Club for continuous, stimulating and enjoyable activities throughout the day and early evening.  Staff are trained in how to deliver care within both these programmes.  All staff complete a programme of training in relation to providing end of life care. 


Are staff at Ebury Court trained to use a hoist?
All care staff are trained to use a hoist.  Training is refreshed and updated on an annual basis.


Are staff at Ebury Court trained to provide catheter care?
Care staff at Ebury Court are trained to provide catheter care for both men and women.


How can I arrange a visit to Ebury Court?

Feel free to drop in at Ebury Court Care Home at any time however, it would be appreciated if you could avoid visiting at lunch time (between 12pm and 2pm) or evening meal (between 5-6pm).  No appointment necessary however,  if you wish to make a specific appointment, call Beverley Manzar, Registered Manager on the number below.



Care Quality Commission 3 Star Excellent Service
Ebury Court
Residential Care Home

438 Rush Green Road
Contact: Mrs Beverley A. Manzar,
Registered Manager.

Tel: 01708 728734
Fax: 01708 740054
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